047If you want to be successful in business you have to get rid of the “shoulds.” You know the ones I’m talking about:

  • You SHOULD get that ezine started
  • You SHOULD start a blog
  • You SHOULD get that sales page created for your new program
  • You SHOULD create the free report for your website

You SHOULD be doing a lot of things in your business.  But there isn’t enough YOU to go around. My job is to take the “shoulds” off of your plate so that you can focus on sharing your unique brilliance with the world.  How do I do it? As an Online Marketing & Communications Specialist, I partner with successful entrepreneurs delivering creative concepts and solutions that help to strengthen and illuminate their branding and message, thus allowing them the freedom to do what they do best. I also help to develop and oversee projects and processes as well as other business management duties that are unique to each of my clients’ businesses.

So, what makes me an Online Marketing and Communications Specialist and not a VA? The answer is simple. I’m not an assistant, I’m a partner. I have a unique skill set that goes beyond what a typical VA offers, like creative services and online business management, and also I don’t offer a lot of the services that some VAs do, like admin support, scheduling, etc…  Although I’m very tech-savvy, I don’t offer a lot of tech services either for the simple fact that I don’t believe you should do things, just because you know how. The services I offer are things that I love to do. There are many more things that I could offer, but I don’t because I don’t enjoy them. That being said, if you are a client of mine and have a technical problem, I’m happy and have the know-how to jump in, evaluate and 9 times out of 10, fix the problem without you having to bring on expensive programmers and tech people.

Part of my strengths lie in coming up with great ideas as well as improving what’s already there. My clients value my input and look to my creativity and experience to help move their business forward.

Who are my ideal clients? I love working with entrepreneurs (mostly women) who know exactly what they want and trust me to help them get it.

  • My clients invest in themselves through coaching, conferences and education to increase their expertise and grow their business.
  • My clients are not wafflers. They don’t change their mind every other week and they don’t remain stagnant. They believe in moving forward and growing.
  • My clients are also heart centered and become successful by putting people before money and material things and believe in serving out of love and the greater good. Most of all…
  • My clients know they cannot become successful alone and they appreciate what having the right team can do for their business.

Does this sound like you? Visit my services page to learn more about my services and how I might be able to help you achieve your business goals!

When I’m not working?

I am a mom, wife, cat lover, coffee addict, sipper of wine, bookworm, spiritual seeker, reality show junkie, amateur photographer, deep thinker, candle collector, forest walker, spontaneous road tripper, Hallmark commercial cryer and online game player.